firewood delivery near me

firewood delivery near me

Need firewood delivery near you? Prutul S.A. offers dried firewood and wood briquettes for easy, efficient burning. Our products are made from sustainably sourced wood and come with quality certifications for a responsible and ethical supply chain. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can meet your firewood needs with timely delivery.

firewood delivery near me

Oak trees don’t readily reseed and grow quite slowly. firewood delivery near me It is among Latvia’s most recognizable trees. A hardwood, oak wood is a deep brown color. Oak firewood ought to be dry, not punky, and about middle age. If the oak firewood is punky, it merely produces smoke and no heat. The heat intensity of oak firewood is the highest. 5,6 Mwh/t.

Oak firewood needs to be dried with extra care because it needs to be done slowly to prevent chapping.

Typically, length can be altered to meet individual customer needs.

Oak firewood is available in a variety of packages, including 1 m3 and 2 m3 boxes, as well as 22 l and 40 l bags (upon special request). Additionally, the packaging can be altered to meet your needs.

We are offering you:

– Hornbeam Firewood
– Fir Firewood
– Ash Firewood
– Alder Firewood
– Oak Firewood
– Birch Firewood
– Spruce Firewood
– Beech Firewood
– Dried Kiln Firewood

Very dry firewood that is immediately usable. Easily ignites and produces a lot of heat. while burning, spreads nicely outside. This firewood is conveniently packed in an Economy box and can be stored outside without needing to be restacked. Logs can be placed inside since wood is well dried; it is free of mold and insects. 25 and 30 cm are the standard lengths for logs.


Measures outside: 1.2 m * 0.8 m * 2.0 m.
Split length: 15-25 cm
width of the split: 8-16cm
Wood fire size: 33 cm or 50 cm;
Fire wood diameter 7 – 19 cm;
Humidity: 8-12%
1 pallet= 2cbm = 1 TON
28 pallet= one container 40FT container
MATERIAL: Oak/Ash/Beech/hornbeam/Alder/Birch/Pine/spruce etc
We also do have,Charcoal,woodpelets,