wood briquettes near me

wood briquettes near me

Looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels? Check out Prutul S.A.’s high-quality wood briquettes made from compressed sawdust and other wood materials. Our FSC certified wood briquettes are efficient, produce less ash, and come in a range of sizes and packaging options. Contact us today to meet your energy needs with our sustainable wood briquettes.

wood briquettes near me

A fuel source called wood briquettes is created from compressed, dry wood. They are often created without any other components, but they can have additional materials like peat, bracken, or coffee. They are made from wood waste or byproducts and machine-compressed into a log or block shape. Any biomass resource can be used to make briquettes in general.

With the Adler wood briquettes, we provide a local product made from the chips and wood flour left over after processing our ash and hickory stems at our plant in Waghäusel without the use of binding agents or other additions.

All throughout the year, we manufacture these high-pressure pressed cylindrical briquettes and provide them to you in large bags or cartons at competitive costs.

Please refer to the details below for the current situation. Following clarification of availability and the collection date, a pickup at our location in Waghäusel-Wiesental is then possible.

Oak hardwood briquettes from sustainable Croatian forestry PEFC certified

1x pallet 1 ton

211.03 € / ton free Salzburg Stadt- Hellbrunn (storage space) excl. 13% VAT

From 2x pallets € 205 / t excl. 13% VAT free Salzburg city (storage space)

from 3x pallets 199 € / t excl. 13% VAT free Salzburg city (storage space)

from 1x truck (24-25t) 189.95 € / t excl. 13% VAT free Salzburg city (storage space)

Free Slavonia plant: € 158 / t excl. 13% VAT. per 24t truck

Delivery of small quantities (min. 2x pallets) for a surcharge: Salzburg city + Anif, Niederalm, Hallein area, Grödig, Wals, etc. (Can not be reached by tractor due to front loader and load weight, car trailer otherwise)

Minimum purchase: 1x pallet free storage space or 1 truck free house (depending on the distance 1.29 € / km freight rate excl. VAT)