wood pellets prices

wood pellets prices

wood pellets prices

wood pellets prices .  They consider it to be a clean, renewable energy choice. However, a consensus among scientists demonstrates that biomass is not renewable, clean, or green.

However, wood pellet biomass has many unfavorable effects.

Looking to buy wood pellets in bulk? Prutul S.A. offers high-quality wood pellets made from sustainably sourced wood, compressed into tiny cylinders for easy transportation. Our wood pellets are cost-effective, carbon-neutral, and flexible, making them an excellent choice for homes and businesses alike. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can meet your energy needs.

Boilers that burn pellets can provide a level of control comparable to that of oil and gas-burning appliances, making them a desirable option for many. This is because, in contrast to logs, wood pellets allow for fast on/off of the heat they generate.  A sensor controls the flow of measured air, ignition occurs automatically, and the heating output continuously adapts to the demand for heat.

Class A1 Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm DIN+ plus & ENplus A1/A2 ( BSL Approved Wood Pellets In 15kg bags )

Product name: Wood pellet (Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm)
Main materials: pine& miscellaneous wood mixed
Diameter: 6-8mm
Length: ≤40mm
Net Calorific value(as received basis): Min.3980 Kcal/kg
Unit Volume Mass: Min. 600
Moisture: <10%
Ash content: Max. 3.0%
Sulfur content: Max. 0.05%
Chlorine: Max. 0.05%
Ash Fusion Temperature, IDT Min. 1150°c
Nitrogen content(dry basis): Max. 0.5%
Packing: By ton bag 24 tons/ container 40’HC;
Woven bag 25 kgs ,24 tons/ container 40’HC
No packing 26 tons/ container


Below are wood types:
-Beech firewood
-Oakwood pellets
-Bamboo wood pellets
-Birchwood pellets
-Cyprus wood pellets
-Mangrove wood pellets
-Pinewood pellets
-Firwood pellet
-spruce wood pellet